I told you i was going to write you a piece and you laughed at it, little did you know i used to be a writer before i became a designer and your sarcastic laugher was the perfect trigger for me to get that skill back.

So here goes my thoughts ; i’m going to make it short so i don’t bore you. Basically just writing on a few things.


This, I don’t think i’ve loved anyone as much as i love you, sometimes i think of the extent to which i can go to show you this and it’s crazy but anyways, i learn everyday of my life since i decided to be with you how to love you and i’ve never stopped learning, i talk to people, ask for advice, lol it’s crazy, it’s my first so you can know how it is, i’d always do everything to protect it.

It’s beautiful to me, through the fight, the laughter, kisses, roasting, you sleeping off on me, you doing silly annoying things to piss me off everything, i really just like the fact that it’s all happening with you.


Ah, this, i never wanted to be in a relationship with anyone because i know the extent to which i go to make people happy getting them whatever they wanted and for a major part consistently doing that was going to tell on my finances and i love consistency, i didn’t want to start what i couldn’t finish.

I know you say you don’t want to be with anyone because of what they have and all but i’m super sure it’s cute when your partner gets you stuff and i haven’t really done that at all, well 2019 hasn’t really been good to me except you being my girl so that’s that, sometimes i wish our relationship was happening earlier when i was really good and could afford to splurge a lot but well i’d survive this and we’ll be good, that i know.


this, uhmm first off i want to apologise again for ever making it look like i was in this for the sex or i’m still in this for the sex, it was never that, we probably just never got to understand each other maybe because of our different views on it. The truth is before i even started thinking of a relationship with you i knew your stand on sex and i was ready for it, it could be a little difficult tho but then it’s worth it.

I actually day dream sometimes of when it’ll eventually happen, your beautiful face lighting up the whole time, the funny faces you’d make when you’re about to orgasm, i can’t wait to make that happen but at the same time i can, I need you to be ready for this, take your time but hurry up also, definitely not trying to make love to someone that doesn’t want it too or making it look like a favor.


You’re absolutely the kindest person i’ve ever met, the most beautiful woman in my life (i get lost in thoughts staring at your pictures most times), you’re really an amazing person, funny asf (on your days), annoyinggg but i guess it’s part of the package. I really don’t want to say much but you’re a great person, got some flaws (we all do) but it’s something we can consciously and consistently work on, one bad habit though and it annoys me a lot, you always seem so comfortable just going off or not talking to me for so long (it makes me doubt everything even if i don’t want to), it doesn’t change my love for you though.


Not saying much about this but this has been the most important part of our relationship, i look back at months ago and we grew from doing petty things and look at us now. Hope we never stop growing and learning.


Simple, i’m promising you i’m never ever going to make you doubt my love you, never going to disrespect you, or make you look stupid for loving me.

I promise to do right by you always.


‘All good things come to an end”, i don’t know how to feel about that but then we can’t leave it out, but one thing i want you to know is even if this whole thing ends by the time you’re reading this, i wouldn’t have any regrets because being in love with you is probably the best decision i’ve made in my life and having this experience of love and experiencing it with you is the best thing, i’d always love you ❤️.

Esho Davies.

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